The practice of competitive intelligence is widely used among leading western companies to make specific managerial decisions and as to improve business competitiveness by searching for and processing information from open sources in a legal and ethical manner.

This service enables customers not only to obtain needed market information and react appropriately, but also to withstand its contingencies and risks, control competitors, find advantages and use them in a timely manner.

Such intelligence is a highly valuable and useful source of information, both for strategic planning and for business tactics.
Competitive Intelligence

Sales planning, monitoring and control indicators, as a key function of the company's commercial activity, may be strengthened with competitive intelligence.

Competitive intelligence data may be used, for example, during participation in tenders by working ahead of competitors. When a business wants to increase sales by expanding the market share or entering into new markets, competitive intelligence will help assess risks and identify additional opportunities for investment. Intelligence may also be used for building marketing strategies and campaigns.

Product characteristics:
  • financial analysis of information;
  • assessment of risks and opportunities;
  • strategic focus of study.
The service helps resolve the following challenges:
  • provide the managerial decision-making process with necessary information;
  • obtain business analysis from the market, customers, competitors and regulators;
  • manage risks - timely attention to threats posed by the market and competitive environment;
  • identify favourable business opportunities;
  • identify company's commercial information leakage channels.