Irrespective of commodity type, most large producers are oriented toward external markets. In fact, the bulk of profit is generated by export sales.

For such companies, the basis for successful commercial activity is within the confines of searching for and efficiently using competitive advantages before local producers and increasing sales potential through both quality of products and strategically planned and quantitatively calculated steps for development of the markets of interest.

Considering all the importance of this segment, we have identified the development of export sales as one of the key focus areas for our firm.
Developing Export Sales

We help companies select an optimal strategy for overseas sales promotion and to develop an external trade expansion policy, while supporting, if necessary, all transaction stages, including preparation, conclusion and performance of contracts within transactions.

We see our priority when building export sales systems or when companies expand into new markets, to create exclusive conditions for working with customers' partners. We conduct a thorough selection of contractors to find out if they have sufficient experience of sales in their segment and the ability to ensure promotion of products to the market and guaranty uninterrupted distribution in accordance with the agreed scheme and structure.

This area of business is also represented by a package of services including analysis of existing distribution chains, optimisation of sales systems, construction of models and launch of exports from scratch, strategic planning of supply geography, financial study of markets and competitive environment, and development of sales departments for export sales.

Product characteristics:

  • financial planning;
  • mathematical analysis of indicators;
  • system approach.

The service enables to resolve the following tasks:

  • build and develop the export direction;
  • increase sales;
  • develop new markets;
  • outsourcing of an export sales department.