Agricultural Market

Agricultural holdings and corporations continue to rapidly increase their capacities, while the sector assumes more and more global features. The agricultural market features multi-million M&A transactions, broad involvement of foreign investments, increase in land banks and production capacities and intensive expansion into external markets.

Agricultural Market

Most often large corporate customers such as vertically-integrated agricultural holdings and large grain traders become our customers.

For these customers we focus on building and providing the most commercially attractive and export-oriented supply and distribution chains, sales promotion by increasing distribution channels, profitable pricing and cost increase, introduction of cost optimisation mechanisms and using available government support means, including by influencing the formation of the national agricultural policy.

For corporate customers, we also assist in negotiations, for example, in the sphere of attraction of international finance for implementing projects and increasing the volume of trade.

Agricultural MarketThe focus of top-priority tasks of owners and top management of agricultural enterprises includes attraction of investments, stabilisation and planning of sales, search of efficient supply chains, minimisation of seasonal, weather, regulatory, environmental and other risks.