Financial Sector

The sector is uniquely focused on both interacting directly with, and generating and retaining, the client. The stiff competition in the market and the identity of services serve as a permanent incentive to searching for new solutions in building relationships with customers.

The success of a selected model of interaction with the main target audience is directly proportional to services sales.

Financial Sector

If the predominant market integrity in terms of the services offered is obvious, then from the standpoint of consumer expectations, the market is divided into several main groups, which we consult.

From the perspective of the sales organisation process, the most attractive groups are represented by the premium consumer segment such as high net worth individuals (HNWI) and large corporate customers. This target group always expects more than standard: an individual approach, personal and thorough service, attention to details and retranslation of expectations into a practical and predictable sales result.
Premium consumers often turn to us for help in attracting the largest customers in the sector they are interested in. We help our customers build the right and understandable communication strategy for working with a new business partner, ensuring the exclusivity, fullness and benefit from possible financial solutions to his questions.

The corporate sales market for products is also oriented toward high service quality and breadth of financial opportunities for services.  We build sales systems for these kinds of customers based on the principles of universality and technological effectiveness, effective account management, flexibility, and innovation. We develop comfortable partnerships with these above factors in mind, based on exclusive sales tools.

The retail market also accounts for a considerable share of services sales. In this segment, customer relationships are somewhat simplified, focused on ensuring accessibility of services for various population groups. When working with retail service sales you have to bear in mind the difference from the higher class of communication strategy, based on the respective consumer expectations, understandable and transparent interaction and feedback system, with efficient mass-marketing tools applied.

Financial SectorBy segmenting VIP customers in order to gain them, we develop individualized strategies for building our collaboration and give recommendations to account managers on communicating with such customers.