In our practice, business owners and top managers are often concerned with the problem of receiving unreliable data in commercial reports from sales managers.

This is a problem of false or exaggerated information on sales department performance being intentionally provided - a problem which becomes obvious when a simple financial analysis is conducted: resources are unproductively used and anticipated profit is not achieved.

Such services entail regular and comprehensive monitoring of sales and overall sales department performance using engineering methods and technologies.
Monitoring Sales Systems

There are also a number of other objective reasons why it’s impossible to obtain the true picture of the sales department's performance. The most common reasons are:  huge company turnovers, broad retail network or distribution geography, and intensive sales.  As a rule, a company's in-house resources are insufficient to keep track of all the necessary data. Consequently, incomplete or unreliable information on the company's sales activities has a negative impact on the generation of cash flows and overall company development. 

In order to avoid such discrepancies, managers and owners invite experts for tracking the sales department's performance and showing real sales in reports.

Product characteristics:

  • systematisation of commercial information;
  • projection on sales forecasts and sales volumes of competitors;
  • multi-factor assessment model.

This service helps resolve the following challenges:

  • reflect the real productivity of the sales department; 
  • monitor company financial receipts and profits;
  • monitor sales department performance quality;
  • reveal discrepancies in the work of the sales department in a timely manner;
  • systematisation of financial indicators for sales.