A successful top manager knows the difference between intuitive sales and a structured sales strategy yielding the expected result. Efficient sales consulting will help move from the former to the latter.

Rapidly growing markets, competitors who are always two steps ahead, unsatisfactory profit performance and inefficient work of personnel in sales departments are quite solvable tasks if you entrust sales to professionals.

Our approach to solving this kind of challenge is based on a structured understanding of the very function of sales within-company, looking from the outside at all shortcomings in current business, removing even veiled "blind spots" and gaps, impartially assessing performance of managers, and quantitative analysis for improvement of sales efficiency.
Sales Consulting

Sales consulting incorporates services related to analysis of all business process components of the enterprise closing on itself the sales function.   The analysis is based on a comprehensive review of the existing sales system applying advanced methods to analyse primary components such as customer base and customer relationships, pricing and customer policy, operation of the sales department, assortment of the products (services) offered and quality of the sales support processes such as logistics, customer service and support, sales geography and marketing strategy of the company in general.

This analysis allows us to identify both the strong and weakest points in a company's sales system, and to subsequently adjust the whole business process and the sales strategy.

Product characteristics:

  • audit;
  • systematic performance analysis;
  • analytical modelling of calculations.

This service deals with the following changes:

  • expand the sales pipeline;
  • optimise conversion - increase the quantity of successful sales;
  • increase the value of transactions being closed;
  • reduce sales cycles;
  • ensure the growth of post-sales and cross-sales.