As a separate package of services, we offer solutions for creation and introduction of distribution strategies.

The choice of the most suitable product sales strategy depends directly on the type and nature of goods themselves, the availability of distribution and storage infrastructure, distribution channels and sales tools, customer base, the financial soundness of contractors, relationships with suppliers and priority supply chains.

Depending on the goals pursued, customer preferences and requirements, and the factors mentioned above, we offer solutions on the choice of distribution strategies oriented to cover markets and consumers, Pull & Push strategy, pricing strategy and others.
Strategic Distribution

Each strategy pursues specific goals and tasks whose attainability and sales results are mathematically determined. Strategy selection is preceded by diagnostics on existing company distribution chains, optimisation of internal structures and processes, adjustment of policies and improvement of product sales systems.

Product characteristics:

  • selection of an optimal distribution strategy;
  • goal-oriented;
  • financial profile of sales plan.

This service accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Increase sales through distribution quality;
  • Introduce an efficient sales and guaranteed sale system;
  • Introduce a balanced scorecard.